Saturday, June 2, 2012


The babe is in the height of new words at the moment.  She seems to have a new one everyday and it become the norm for so many new words that I have lost track to write them all down.  I imagined that I would capture each new one on paper as she introduced them to me.  This has not happened.  Sometime the words sound so similar to another word that I am unaware it is new for a few days until more articulation is developed.  Today she woke up saying DUCK.  She has a stuffed duck she totes around, so it is a meaningful word for her.  The UCK word family scares me and I do not support its development!

Monday, April 9, 2012

the drunken zombie

The wee girl is really walking now. She still prefers to crawl if she has to get somewhere fast, but she gets up on her own in the middle of the room now and will take off walking. She is very confident to stand on her own and play and super confident to let go of furniture and go on a walk. Her comfort zone is the house though as the grass seems very uneven for a new walker.

Her walk is probably characteristic to all new walkers but we have coined it 'the drunken zombie'. She keeps her hands out in front of her partly for balance, partly to break the upcoming fall and she wobbles as she walks with a few steps forward and one step in any other direction. I give it a few more weeks and I bet she is eager to try outside more.

She has some great speed so far, even with the 2 steps forward, 1 back way of moving.

Time for more baby proofing....sigh. I hate that part. She has been so good at the top of our stairs to never go near them or to crawl to them and sit and wait to go down, but now she stands up at the top or baby runs at them. I hate the idea of more holes in my walls, but more so holes in the baby.

Another baby gate it is.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

shit is getting real

what does that tittle even mean? I say it, so it seems appropriate to my thought of this post, but I ask again, what the heck?!?

It is real, life and the things in it.....more specifically, my life and back to work.
All paperwork has been submitted and work has contacted me with confirmation of receiving it.
The daycare has confirmed pre-start dates and the official start date. We have 4 trial days prior to the real start date. I/Kenz need some easing into this mess.

All that is left to do is to buy a lottery ticket, win and then quit my job. - Wow ...super easy last task.

Bloggery crossover - I am working on my bucket list. We both got library cards and Kenz borrowed 2 movies from the library. They don't carry board books and she eats paper books, so movies are a good thing to borrow for now. We picked out a cartoon in french and english.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


This post is 100% about my own....the babe is a doll.



I have neglected this blog and my intentions were to keep really up to date with this one so I could see how my doll have grown, but man it has been hard. She is on the move and demanding of attention, which I happily give to her, but therefore not doing anything else. We also got rid of the laptops in favor of the desktop and that has really halted a lot of computer time. The lowered screen time is for the better, it was intentionally reduced, but I do miss it sometimes. Change is tough.

So the little princess is off to daycare next month and I am devastated. It will break my heart to send her and I spent a lot of time picking this place, sort of. Everyone says it will be harder for me than it will be for her, like that makes it better. I don't care for things to be hard on either of us if I am able to choose. We have miles to go before I feel she will be ready to be on her own, and unfortunately, we do not have miles left in our journey. I rack my brain to think about how things could have been done differently or were they done perfectly and transitions will always be hard?!? I don't know.
I know there will be moments, probably a lot of them at first where she needs me and I won't be there and that bothers me. I hate for her to think I am not there to meet her needs. It is worse to think she will adjust and then not need me. I equally hate the idea that I can be phased out.

She is 11 months next Monday. She crawls easily, walks with support, tries to walk without for a few steps, eats like a trooper, still nurses, smiles, waves, claps, plays peek-a-boo that she initiates, laughs, plays tricks, blows raspberries, shows sincere affection and gives the best hugs. She is brilliant and independent, yet still loves to cuddle for stories. She wants to help with everything and likes real jobs, not fake ones. She can already tell the difference.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

unwrapping a gift early

I thought that I would update pictures to both blogs and share a sneak peak of the christmas cards we had made with Kenz and the boys.

We did a somewhat impromptu photo shoot in the living room one afternoon. Nothing professional as you will see, just the family camera, very patient dogs and a baby.
We had our cards made online, so the actual card looks professional, with fun family style pics.

This gives you an idea of what sorts of shots we got. The final card is a collage of a bunch of the best.

Kenz in her 'my first Christmas' shirt. We added in some balls and a sled we use as an outside decoration to finish the look.

This one is a fav and I feel as though Edward was drawing some inspiration from the Grinch whole stole Christmas. Drake was a bit of a stick in the mud that day, so he lent his santa coat to Kenz for the pic. It is good when the kids are the same size in holiday costumes for photo opportunities.

This last picture is perhaps where Edward threw in the towel. Once Kenz knew the coat would fit, she was going to test out the antlers as well.

Friday, December 9, 2011

oi the pain

The babe is teething, which I feel she has been doing for MONTHS, literally months of swollen gums, chewing, drooling and crank, but white teeth have finally erupted through the gums. I use the word teeth as she is teething top and bottom at the same time. Her top right and bottom left are both poking through (which will make for a cute monster style smile) and her partnered top and bottom teeth are so close. She has swollen gums and bumps in those spaces with ripping tissue. I imagine kids handle teething all in their own ways, and true to form, my girl is handling it in the most dramatic fashion possible. I am giving her some slack as 2-4 teeth all at once is probably a bit much and more than likely super painful. I would go as far as saying sleep is being interrupted by this process, but I am far to realistic that she never sleeps to imagine this is the cause.

we have a christmas party tomorrow......and I can't take her as she is for too long.....but this may be a blessing in disguise.

Monday, December 5, 2011


The girl has started to cruise - I think this is what savvy parents call it. What she has really started doing, is what proud parents call walking. Sure she has to hang onto the play pen sides for support, but her legs are doing the moving. I am almost certain that rehab patients who learn to 'walk' again and use the bars for support are still considered the proud parent will consider this walking.

She is able to go from one side of the playpen to the other at this time. She still can't master the 'let go and get down' part, but she is working on it I am sure. Bending your knees seems to be one of the last skills she is going to have. I have been placing soft stuffies behind her for the fall to your bottom moments that happen when she finally lets go of the sides.

Yesterday, on a rainy Sunday afternoon she had another big girl moment.....she went for a nap without me. It stings! We were having a movie day with tons of blankets and pillows on the living room floor and she feel asleep with papa while watching a movie. I should be grateful he has the patience to make it through the cries, and attempts to find mom before falling asleep.